UNWIND - Vetiver Deodorant

Life is more enjoyable when you go at your own pace.

UNWIND amidst the smoky, wooden scents of the Vetiver Deodorant. With all its soothing and calming effects, vetiver evokes the serenity of nature. Together with organic coconut oil and arrowroot powder, this deodorant is effective in relieving stress, anxiety, and body odour.

Each of our bottles is defined and empowered by a mindfully chosen soul ingredient.

Vetiveria zizanioides

Reminiscent of an opulent smoky and woody character, Vetiveria zizanioides or vetiver brings tranquility to both our body and soul. Native to India, the grass plant has the unique habit of growing downwards and forming tangled roots underground to hold the soil. Extracts from these roots carry soothing, calming properties and a scent all men and women will indulge in.


Gently apply a small amount of deodorant cream over armpit area. Apply again when necessary.

Cocos nucifera*, Vitellaria paradoxa*, Sodium bicarbonate, Maranta arundinacea, Cera alba, Essential oils (Vetiveria zizanioides, Piper nigrum, Aniba rosaeodora, Cedrus deodara, Citrus aurantium), Tocopherols

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