The Science

There was once an experiment that set out to measure how much a soul weighs, which always came out as precisely 21 grams.

Inspired by this very experiment, our Chief Formulator Karen founded 21GRAMS upon the belief that when nature meets science, powerful things can happen. A Natural Scientist from the University of Cambridge, Karen adopts a mindful yet meticulous approach when formulating our skincare collection.

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Skin that Cares

It began with a story of friendship. A few years ago, Karen designed a natural, safe deodorant for a dear friend who was also an expectant mother. And because it was formulated for a person so close to her, the recipe was not only inspired by Karen’s knowledge in science, but also an intimate understanding of a friend’s needs. A recipe that was healing, sensitive and full of love.

When it comes to skin, we believe in a balance between the science and the ineffable feelings it gives to the individuals using it; we believe in designing formulas that are conscious and observing of the people we care for.

And that is why there’s a bit of soul in everything we do.