Festive Specials

On the hunt for clean beauty treats this festive season? Take the time for a self-care ritual, and treat your special someone to the gift of great skin.

Browse our range of limited-edition gift sets.

$700 $1,030

Discover the wonders of clean beauty with our hero products in one go.

Set contains:
Any one deodorant (CARESS/ UNWIND/ PLAY/ BREATHE) of your choice (50g)
GLOW - White Amber Oil Serum (20ml)

Enjoy double happiness with this limited-edition set of our award-winning deodorants.

Set contains:
Any two deodorants (CARESS/ UNWIND/ PLAY/ BREATHE) of your choice (50g each)

Begin your routine with gentle cleansing and toning and get your skin ready for the many wonders following.

Set contains:
PURIFY - White Birch Cleanser (80ml)
Toner (CALM/ REFRESH) of your choice (100ml)

Restore optimal hydration balance with our water-based and oil-based serums for lasting hydration and younger-looking complexion.

Set contains:
NURTURE - Bamboo Hydrator (20ml)
GLOW - White Amber Oil Serum (20ml)

Start the day with our day lotion for enhanced protection and nourishment, and embrace the night for a glowingly radiant finish with our regenerating night lotion.

Set contains:
BLOOM - Orchid Day Lotion (50ml)
REBORN - Night Queen Lotion (50ml)

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