SOFTEN - Lotus Squalane Serum

Take softness as your strength, tenderness your forte. With it you can conquer anything.

SOFTEN your skin with the replenishing powers of the Lotus Squalane Serum. A wonderful natural emollient, our olive-derived squalane helps restore the lipid barrier by preserving moisture and nutrients. Feel your skin instantly softened, smoothened and restored to its healthy suppleness.

Each of our bottles is defined and empowered by a mindfully chosen soul ingredient.

Nymphaea lotus

A distillation product of the wild harvested flowers of Nymphaea lotus, our white lotus extract carries a unique aroma that evokes smoothness and clarity. Linoleum acids, flavonoids and proteins also help locking in moisture, reducing transepidermal water loss and giving skin a plump and smooth finish. 


After hydration, apply and massage a few drops on skin until fully absorbed. For best results, use together with the rest of the 21GRAMS regimen.

Olive-derived squalane, Nymphaea lotus extract

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